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Monetize your business with creative online strategies and techniques.
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Hi, I’m Kathleen! I’m a business monetization strategist for mom entrepreneurs.

Smart Business Mom

I teach moms in business how to monetize their skills to generate multiple streams of income online, especially through selling on Amazon.

We work together to find ways to monetize your business website and blog so you can bring in multiple streams of income, stop trading hours for dollars, and have consistent cash coming in every month.

I’ve built dozens of online businesses from scratch over the years. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I know the ins and outs of making money online, what to dive into and what to stay away from. I know how to create an actionable plan to make money with any website or business idea I’ve come across.

For 7 years I worked for an entrepreneur building online businesses from the ground up. Some failed and some became multi-million dollar companies. I’ve build product businesses, service business, marketing businesses, ecommerce business, affiliate businesses, networking name it, I’ve done it.

And now I want to help you make money from your business!

Build Your Empire From Home

Monetization Coaching

Whether you have a business or blog, I help you generate an actionable plan to bring in multiple streams of income so you never have to worry about having a "slow" month.

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Systems & Automation

We'll build a bullet proof system that not only saves you time and money, but that allows you to focus only on the parts of your business or blog that you truly love.

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Don't have the time? Yes, you do. I'll hold you accountable to follow through on what you're working on. You'll get your money making projects completed so you can start bringing in consistent cash.

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